About us

The Smart Risk Takers
Our Vision

Our vision is to use our expertise and experience to make financial markets accessible to everyone, helping them to create and grow their wealth.

Our Mission

To create actionable ideas in areas of wealth management and investments in financial assets.

Our Values

Our firm is hosted on pillars of Ethics, Transparency & Professionalism.


H-Zone Capital is the brainchild of Mr. Harish Menon, who combined his passion with his profession.

A Chartered Accountant with more than 17 years of experience in the financial markets backing him, Harish has been engaged in research and corporate trainings throughout his career. Harish has also been trading in the equity and derivatives segments for more than 12 years now and has been efficiently advising clients on strategic portfolio management and wealth creation.

Harish lives in Mumbai with his 5 cats!

April 2008
The beginning!

Founded H-Zone Capital & started corporate trainings in financial markets & BFSI industry

June 2010
Investment Advisory

Started Investment Advisory services for select clients, gradually increasing client base across retail and high net-worth individuals

July 2012
Milestone Achieved

Number of clients in Investment Advisory segment crossed 100

April 2015
Proprietary Trading

Started Proprietary Trading desk with initial investments in Listed Equity and gradually spreading across Currency & Equity Derivatives

October 2017
Scaling Up

Ventured into managing proprietary funds of brokers in a joint venture with Scale Up Financial Advisors, Mumbai

January 2018
SEBI Registration

Registered with SEBI as Investment Adviser to further grow our fees-only advisory business

February 2018
International presence

Started operations in Dubai to offer Investment Advisory Services to NRIs

July 2018
Ventures into Startups

Started H-Zone Investment Ventures, a specialised business segment for investing in start-ups and new ventures

April 2020
Digital Wealth Platform launched

Launched a unique digital wealth management platform – House of Alpha